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I do web projects, with some occasional design, video editing, animation.

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Oh man, 2/3 of the summer already, huh? Welp, that's all good for kids or students, not for ordinary working guys like me (sigh), maybe i need a vacation. I have a wierd feeling of a twitching corpse somewhere around here, made some predictions about that, let's wait and see what it'll bring.

About the projects. Some of them are temporarily (i hope) in the development limbo (because "development hell" is not mysterious enough), whoops. Maybe i should've open source those some day. T's becoming quite a heavy load to bear on my own :I.

Still accepting ideas and/or bug reports about flashforever project implementations (native & .net) besides the obvious ones.

We will hear about NG preservation efforts later this year. I also have another NG-related idea to share - Newgrounds Space Program. A group of moonshotty/satellity projects to improve/"upgrade"/get an alternative to NG. More on those later (as soon as i will have details). Here's a minimalistic satellite.


Edit1: As for Lock Legion, don't you worry, still busy with it, while wrestling the sleep deprivation and tight schedules, i'm completelly fiiiiiiiine~ [Dozed off on the table forehead down sound]


Also i may or may not got involved into a madness-related development. Currently it's ticking down time until it'll be revealed to the public, so yeah, i'll hint what it is closer to the release.

It's quite sad that NG doesn't have it's own oauth2 server and/or provider yet, so "Login with Newgrounds" can be utilized everywhere outside of the newgrounds. Why? Well, first, quick login, second, a mini-portfolio - bits of user's blog posts, movie, games, art and audio. That'd be great, but alas. [Sigh]

If you've read this far, actually, if you've untagled the message i was trying to send here and read this far, good for you, as usual, open to suggestions.


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cool steve is cool

Added to skins for Skincraft Jun 1, 2011.

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